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Restaurant Menu
Restaurant Menu
Walk on water, Float on water without getting wet. It’s an inflatable transparent float Ball. Walk on water inside a giant transparent ball in complete safety. A fun acrobatic water sport that everyone must try! 
Water sphere’s are the perfect water walking device. A cool transparent device that allows the rider inside the bubble ball to finally walk on water, and even better you don’t get wet while doing it. 

Aqua Park, Nabatieh
Habbouche - Arabsalim Main Road, 
Nabatieh, Lebanon
Telephone: 07-535 005
Mobile:       03-008 558
Mobile:       70-717 660

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Restaurant And Terrace
Halls for Weddings
Swimming Pools
Restaurant And Terrace The Aqua Park Resort is the perfect quick weekend getaway and is great for birthday parties and other special occasions. Parents, grandparents and kids of all ages will love The Aqua Park Resort’s family fun and convenience.
Halls for Weddings Halls for Weddings, outdoor and indoor, fully equipped for small and large weddings
Swimming Pools Swimming Pools, for ladies only Newly large private swimming pool area, for children small swimming pools with kids water games, for men large swimming pool.